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What does it mean to be tough?

Is it to be strong, aggressive or “hard”? Maybe.


To us, it’s more than the physical. Tough is showing up morning after morning in the finger numbing cold, determined not to let yourself or anyone else down.

Tough is having the courage to wade into the unknown.

Tough is knowing that even when failure is inevitable, the regret of not trying would be worse.

It’s sacrifice. It’s getting back on the horse. It’s using your mind, as an essential part of your might.

This is the tough that’s woven into the fabric of our culture, our community, and our clothes. It has been for over 118 years.


At Canterbury of New Zealand, we are committed to creating clothing that can withstand as much as you do, putting quality, design and versatility before anything else. We respect those who wear our clothes and the environment we live in too much to do anything less.

When you wear CCC , it’s not about showing off or making a statement. It’s about showing up in the moments that matter and standing up for something more than just the clothes on your back.



IN MARCH 2022….


After the extensive damage wrought by floods and even a cyclone, our Te Tairāwhiti community on the East Coast of the north island of New Zealand, was once again put to the test.

It was a challenging time, where hapū and iwi had to once again draw on their innate strength to clear and restore rivers and roads throughout the district, to reconnect them with the wider community. Tough times indeed.

“It’s this positivity and resilience that I wanted to capture in the new creative I’ve developed for Canterbury of New Zealand,” says renowned Kiwi visual artist, Tom Gould

“I wanted to portray this resilience in a way that shows beauty in the stillness and repetitive nature of everyday life.”

Tom Gould has captured a suite of striking portraits and films featuring our people from Te Tairāwhiti who typify resilience, while sharing their unique stories.

Stories of a community and whānau who turn up no matter the weather. The three brothers. A farm girl. Father and daughter. Son and father. Uncle and cousins. Each have their own story to tell, a story of community and of The World’s Toughest.